Eco-responsible and sustainable maternity leggings

Discover our collection of pregnancy leggings to wear whether pregnant or not. Theses leggings are sustainable and eco-responsible. Sustainable thanks to their shapes adapted to pregnancy with a bump cover that you are able to put on your bump during your 9 months pregnancy and folded on the hips after giving birth to your baby. Eco-responsible because they are cut into high end fabrics in organic cotton or bamboo for example, that guarantee maximum longevity of clothes over times. You will soon understand that our clothes are essentials and indispensable of your maternity ward, to bring with you every where, every day for every special and big occasion. 


Comfortable and cool pregnancy leggings in the same time ? Challenge accepted for Jolibump 

Leggings are not more inside clothes, to be worn only at home to chill and do sport ! Say bye bye sport leggings and homeward leggings and say hello to colorful printed leggings that we are proud to wear to do shopping in town with friends, to have a lunch with your boyfriend or to hang out with the kids to the park. Our leggings with various dedicated prints are maternity leggings that you will love to wear for every occasion. Which one is your favorite ? Our leopard pregnancy leggings, our zebra maternity leggings or our astro leggings for pregnant woman


How to wear our maternity leggings outside, during the day and at night, in every season ?

If you are running out of inspiration, do not hesitate to have a look at our look ideas on Instagram ! You can wear our leggings with cute oversize maternity shirt, with t-shirt and denim jacket or even with our beautiful Joyce maternity sweatshirt. It is your turn to let your imagination run wild and do not hesitate to send us your craziest looks and your more beautiful pregnancy outfits ;)

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