The present conditions are concluded between, on one hand, JOLI BUMP, a French "Société par Actions Simplifiée" (simplified limited company) under French law with share capital of 3 000 euros, registered on the Trade and Companies Register of Montpellier under the number 808 880 819, whose head office is located in 117 avenue of Lodève - Bâtiment 1 - 34070 Montpellier, FRANCE and, on the other hand, every person (the "Customer") wishing to make a purchase via JOLI BUMP's website, ("the Site"). is a e-commerce website who belongs and is managed by JOLI BUMP.



Customer: Any individual at least 18 years-old who acts in purposes which do not enter within the framework of commercial, industrial, craft or liberal, old activity and having ordered once on the Site. The Customer possesses a customer account on the Site;
User: Any person using the site or one of the services proposed on this one;
Identifier: E-mail address necessary for the identification of a User on the Site to reach its account;
Password: Succession of characters the User has to keep the secret of and allowing him (her), with his Identifier, to reach his account;
Article (s): good ( s ) on sale on the Site;

ACCESS AND USE OF THE SITE is a e-commerce website which belongs and is managed by JOLI BUMP.
The Site is opened to all users of the internet network, and is accessible 24/24h, 7/7j, except interruption, scheduled or not, by JOLI BUMP or his persons receiving benefits, for the needs for his maintenance or case of force majeure (such as defined hereafter). JOLI BUMP could not be held responsible for any damage, whatever its nature, resulting from an unavailability of the Site.
JOLI BUMP does not guarantee that the Site will be exempt from anomalies, errors or bugs, neither that the Site will work without breakdown nor interruption. It can determine in this respect freely and in Its entire discretion any period long of unavailability of the Site or its contents. JOLI BUMP cannot either be held responsible for problems of data transmission, for connection or for unavailability of the network.

Before ordering, the Customer has to agree the General terms of sale (GTS) and to accept them without reserve.
JOLI BUMP reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time the present GTS, the version of the GTS applicable to any sale being the one on-line on the Site at the time of the order.


Products on sale are the ones described on the Site during the day of consultation of the Site by the Customer. 
The JOLI BUMP company disclaims all liability as for the consequences of any hostile act caused by a third party that would entail a modification of the contents of the site.


The user has the possibility of creating an account on the Site to place an order, be kept informed of the news of JOLI BUMP, to set up an alert stock on a product.
The creation of account on the Site is reserved for every old natural person at least of 18 years. Every User can create only the only one matters on the Site. 
All the present fields in the form of creation of account must be informed with the exception of fields indicated as optional. Any failure to respond will have for consequence the not creation of account. All the information informed by the User will have to be exact. The Customer can inform a phone number in the choice: office andor mobile andor place of residence. 
When the User creates an account on the Site, he receives an e-mail of confirmation of creation of account that very day. JOLI BUMP reserves the right to delete(eliminate) any account not respecting the present contractual conditions.


The Customer places order on the Site.
The process of order(order) is the following one: 
- Choice of articles and addition in the basket
- Validation of the contents of the basket
- Identification via its account on the site
- Choice of the mode of delivery
- Choice of the method of payment and the acceptance of the CGV
- Validation of the payment
JOLI BUMP confirms the acceptance of its order(order) to the Customer at the e-mail address which this one will have communicated. The sale will be concluded only as from the confirmation of the command(order) and the validation of the payment by the concerned banking body.
JOLI BUMP reserves the right To cancel any command of a customer with whom would exist a dispute concerning the payment of a previous order or which would present for him any form of risk. 
Any order is worth acceptance of general terms of sale, prices and descriptions of products available on the sale.
For lack of availability of a product, JOLI BUMP undertakes to inform the Customer in the most brief deadlines, and if necessary to pay off him at the latest in fourteen (14) days according to the date in which he exercised his right to withdraw. The order of the Customer will be cancelled then automatically.
The information expressed by the Customer during the order taking engages this one: in case of error in the title of the address and phone number of the addressee, JOLI BUMP could not be kept responsible of the impossibility in which she could be to deliver the product.


The prices of articles are indicated in euros inclusive of all taxes excluding charges by expedition.
Articles will be charged on the basis of the current price lists at the time of the recording of the orders. They remain the property of JOLI BUMP until the complete collection of the price, payable in full and in a single payment.


The Customer can proceed to the payment of his order by bank card or Paypal.

By credit card

The regulation by credit card is made with the waiter of secure payment Sogenactif of the Société Générale.

By Paypal

To settle his purchases by the service of online payment PAYPAL, the Customer has to create an account on Paypal. On Paypal, the Customer also has the possiblity to pay without creating of account with his bank card.


JOLI BUMP undertakes to prepare and to send the orders crossed by the Customer in the next 7 days the order.
The delivery method differs from a country to another, the customer will have all the information during the order process.
The goods will be delivered at the address which the Customer supplied in JOLI BUMP during the order, being specified that this one has to be the address of residence of the Customer, the person of its choice or a legal entity (company). No delivery in post office box, Campsite (Camping) or hotel can be made.

In case of trouble during the delivery process, the customer should warn JOLI BUMP who will open an inquiry with the transportation company. In every case, JOLI BUMP denies its responsibility in case of trouble with the transportation company.
The Customer has a deadline(extension) of 3 days ( not included holidays) to make possible reserves by registered letter with the carrier in case of identified anomaly


Outside of Metropolitan France, return of articles are possible within 14 days (fourteen) after the date of delivery. The returning fees are at the complete charge of the Customer.


JOLI BUMP implements(operates) all the ways(means) to assure(insure) the confidentiality and the safety(security) of the data passed on(transmitted) on Web and on web site. As such, the web site uses a secure module of typical payment SSL (Secure Socket Layer).


The responsibility of JOLI BUMP towards any Article bought on the Site is strictly limited to the purchase price of the latter. 
Documents, descriptions and information relative to Articles appearing on the Site are covered by no guarantee, explicit or implicit, with the exception of the statutory guarantees.
JOLI BUMP only has to deliver corresponding to the stipulations Articles contract employees(meter maids). Besides, JOLI BUMP guarantees the consumers of the defects of conformity and latent defects for Articles on sale on the Site in the following conditions:

Visible vice(defect)

The presence of a visible vice(defect) on an Article has to give rise to complaint by e-mail ( ) in three working days following the Delivery. Any complaint has to clarify the concerned vice(defect). Failing that, no complaint is acceptable, and any return or exchanges is possible. The Article must have returned, in its original packing, in its home state, new, not carried, not washed(new, not worn, washed), with the references of the initial Command(Order) and the copy of the complaint to the head office of JOLI BUMP. The cases of visible vice(defect) confirmed by JOLI BUMP gives rise according to the contents of the complaint of the Customer either to the establishment of credit note for the benefit of the Customer, or in the replacement of the Article, or in the pure and simple refund of the Price to the Customer within 14 days. In case of failure to respect the procedure of return, no exchange or refund or credit note is not possible.

Non-compliance - Latent defects

Subject to the validation of a non-compliance or a vice hidden by JOLI BUMP or the manufacturer as the case may be, the Customer benefits from following guarantees: - the legal guarantee of conformity which allows him to obtain, in two years of the delivery of the Article and free of charge, the repair or the replacement of this one if he is not as per order. JOLI BUMP can proceed to the replacement of the not corresponding Product.  If the replacement is impossible within one month according to the complaint or if the Customer emits(utters) the reasoned request, the Customer can ask for the refund(repayment) of the price(prize) of the Article.
- The legal guarantee of the latent defects, by virtue of which the Customer can ask, within two years as from the discovery of the vice(defect),


The guarantee of the latent defects allows the Customer to be protected against the defects hidden from the bought Article and which prevent the use(custom) from it or affect(allocate) it to such a point that the Customer would not have bought him(it).
The Customer can then return the Article and ask for the refund(repayment) of the paid price(prize).
To implement(operate) these guarantees, the Article must have returned, in its original packing, in its home state, new, not carried, not washed(new, not worn, washed), with the references of the initial Command(Order) and the copy of the complaint to the head office of JOLI BUMP, after the sending of an e-mail indicating the motive for the return of the Product.


In case of emergence of an event of force majeure preventing the execution of the present CGV, JOLI BUMP informs the Customer about it within fifteen (15) days as from the emergence of this event, by e-mail or by registered letter with recorded delivery. In a express way, are considered cases of force majeure or coincidences, besides those usually held by the jurisprudence of the courts and French courts, the all-out or partial strikes, the lockout, the riot, the boycotts or other actions to industrial character or commercial disputes, disorder civilian, uprising, war, bad weather, epidemic, blocking of the means of transportation or the supply for whatever reason, the earthquake, the fire, the storm, the flood, the water damage, Governmental or legal limitations, legal or statutory modifications of the forms of marketing, breakdown of computer, blocking of telecommunications, including wired or Hertzian telecommunication networks, and any other case independent from the will of the parts(parties) preventing the normal execution of the contractual relation. All the obligations(bonds) of the parts(parties) is suspended during all the duration by the event of force majeure, without compensation(allowance). If the event of force majeure goes on during more than three ( 3 ) months, the concerned transaction(deal) can be cancelled at the request of JOLI BUMP or of the Customer without compensation(allowance) on both(all) sides. The non-payment by the Customer cannot be justified by a case of absolute necessity.


If one or several conditions of the present CGV are considered not valid or declared as such in enforcement of a law, a regulation(payment) or following a definitive decision of a competent jurisdiction, the other conditions will keep(guard) all their strength and their reach(impact).


No tolerance, inactivity or slowness of JOLI BUMP can be interpreted as renunciation of its rights at the end of the CGV.


The present general terms of sale are subjected(submitted) to the French law. In case of disagreement persisting on the application, the interpretation(performance) and the execution of the present, and for lack of mutual agreement, any dispute will raise(find) French competent courts.