How to wear Joli Bump dresses ?

During pregnancy

When feeling comfortable is really the only thing that matters when you are pregnant, it is even more complicated to find clothes that you like. 

Whether you wish to cover up your baby bump or to underline your new curves, our selection of maternity dresses will adapt to all of your desires. 

Thanks to its diversified cuts and natural fabrics, Joli Bump will accompany all future mums during these 9 months and even after. 

After pregnancy

Practical is not what you would call the best definition for a pretty dress. However it is definitely how we would define our selection of dresses compatible with breastfeeding. 

We have focused our designs on subtile systems which allow your baby access and leave no mark on your clothes after breastfeeding ends (such as buttonholes or oversized cuts).

Discrete and convenient, these simple systems allow all women, mums and futures mums, to wear our elegant dresses. Our breastfeeding dresses are to be found in the breastfeeding selection.

Before and after

Their timeless style allow you to wear our wide selection of dresses for any occasion, casual or dressy looks, day or night, during winter or summer. They show you at your best advantage with comfort and elegance. 

Quality models designed to last!

All you need to know about our Joli Bump dresses

All of our dresses are made in Portugal with high-end European fabrics composed mostly of natural fibers and Oeko-Tex certified, with exclusive and eco-responsible fabrics such as gauze, usually used for babies linen. 

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