Our sustainable and eco-responsible pregnancy clothes

Our maternity line is designed to accompany your body evolution during your whole pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding and beyond. We create your maternity wardrobe with fabrics made of natural or eco-responsible fibers certified Oeko-Tex or organic cotton such as cotton, organic cotton gauze, modal or tencel. All these high end fabrics ensure great quality and long durability in time. Cuts and shapes of our clothes are thought to highlight your body while your baby is growing and long after giving birth. Our pregnancy collection is designed in Marseille in France and made in Portugal in family workshops with whom we directly work from the beginning with complete confidence. 


All our items are made to last beyond your 9 months pregnancy and baby delivery

Discover our line and maternity essentials, each item of our collection is a timeless and sustainable item that will fit today, during your 9 months of pregnancy, in several years and long after giving birth to your baby. Most of our items, thanks to their discreet openings and innovative designs, are also compatibles to breastfeed your newborn easily. With their perfect length and generous fabric width, our items flatter your silhouette at every stage of your woman life, mum-to-be life and young mother life. You can be whether stylish and comfortable in the same time ! Discover all our clothes and create your dream maternity dressing with all our pregnancy and breastfeeding tops, our innovative maternity jeans without bump cover to be worn such as classic jeans, our seamless ethical pregnancy underwear, our practical and elegant pregnancy pants and bottoms, our colorful maternity dresses, short or longer. 


Our collection is adapted to all your needs and to every body type

In our collection, there is something for every taste and every color : round neck or boat neck, long sleeves or short sleeves, wide cuts or tight cuts, with or without buttons, for a casual look or more elaborated. In any every season and in every circumstance, winter and summer, day and night, for simple occasions or important events, adopt a fancy and elegant maternity style ! All our items are available in different sizes from XXS to XL in order to adapt to every morphology. If you need an advice, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you. 


Our commitment for women and maternity

Jolibump has been created by women for women. We know that maternity is a journey that opens a new chapter in our lives and our vocation is to accompany you towards this adventure. Maternity makes our body change. Welcome these changes, accept them with pregnancy clothes that adapt to you and not the opposite. It is our reason to be, the heart of creation of our collection.

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