About the conception of our Joli Bump items 

All our Joli Bump items are thought and designed to be sustainable and eco-responsible. Since day one, Joli Bump is committed to propose high quality pregnancy clothing made from high end materials. 

Matières éco-responsables et naturelles

We design all our items with sustainable and high end fabrics that are carefully selected by our team.

All fabrics are made in Europe and Oeko-Tex certified. This is one of our commitment at Joli Bump. 

Coupes étudiées pour mettre en valeur toutes les morphologies

Cuts are studied to last and to accompany your body before, during and after pregnancy. Thanks to their system of elastics, our jeans adjust to your body whether you are pregnant or not. 

Style durable et intemporel

Style, cuts and fabrics are thought to last. Your wardrobe is not made to last only 9 months and it is even more relevant when it comes to jeans. 

We propose sustainable fashion and timeless style that can ben worn at any stage of life. 

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