1. Jolibump has been created by women for women. We know that maternity is such a special trip, an adventure that opens a new chapter in our lives and we want to do this journey with you. 

2. Maternity makes our body change. Welcome these changes, accept them with clothes that adapt to your body and not the reverse. It is our reason to be, the purpose of Jolibump's creation. 

3. We believe in a happy society, beautiful materials, simple cuts and timeless models. We create your sustainable and eco-responsible maternity wardrobe.

4. We believe in precision. Precision of the items that we produce, of their price, and or our way to process: without intermediaries to make the best quality affordable. 

5. We believe in the strength of women, in their transmission power, in their commitment to awake and raise their children in a joint and ethical world. 

6. We are committed to the women's cause, to a liberating maternity and to the respect of the environment.

Jolibump is the authentic, committed, eco-responsible brand dedicated to today's maternity. 

Discover our New Chapter podcast, dedicated to maternity, experiences, women pathways and to their ability to transmit the best to their children. 


My name is Marie, I was born in the South of France, I love my family, the simple life, the nature, the sun, well done things, a certain form of happy sobriety.

Jolibump was born after my first pregnancy. I saw my body changing without being able to find clothes fitting my style, sustainable and eco-responsible that I could also wear after pregnancy.

After giving birth, I discovered my postpartum body and it helped me confirm the idea that I needed clothes which adapt to my changing body curves and not the reverse. Fashion is everything but futile during this trip called maternity. 

Autodidact, freedom lover, looking for meaning, it took me one year to bring this idea to life. Jolibump was born in September 2016 and I build this adventure with passion with you and my wonderful team everyday since. 

Marie founder Jolibump
Marie creator Jolibump

materials & making

Sustainable and local fashion is the heart of our approach. We design our items in France and production is totally local and European.

Our fabrics are made from natural (cotton, linen) or eco-responsible fibers (Tencel, Modal, lyocell) and they are produced in Europe (France or Portugal). All our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified or organic. 

Making is realized in Portugal in our partner workshops. Since the beginning, we directly work with these family workshops that we have carefully chosen and with whom we love to work. 

Mai Corduroy Jacket
Essential pregnancy clothes

Jolibump is the first French brand to offer sustainable pregnancy fashion to wear before, during and after pregnancy. Our pregnancy clothing collection is designed in France and produced in Portugal in partner family workshops which we carefully choose. According to our eco-responsible approach, we are committed to slow-fashion. Our sustainable pregnancy clothes with perfect shapes accompany you during your maternity adventure and adapt to your pregnant body, your postpartum body, a long time after pregnancy and even before. Some of our items have been thought to be breastfeeding compatible. Sustainable fashion has to be adapted to maternity and must allow you to live this adventure free, the way you want. It is our vision and reason to be!