About our Joli Bump underwear 


Pendant la grossesse 

We know that breast size varies during pregnancy and we have conceived our pregnancy and nursing bras to accompany your body and your changing curves, before, during and after pregnancy.

Après la grossesse

You will be able to breastfeed in serenity thanks to our Joli Bump pregnancy and nursing bras. They are thought to make breastfeeding easier and pleasant thanks to their discreet clip to access to the breast and to their soft materials. 

Avant ou après la grossesse

Our pregnancy and nursing bras accompany you during pregnancy, breastfeeding and a long time after. Thanks to their simple and timeless design, you will be able to wear them everyday!

About the conception of our Jolibump underwear

Our pregnancy and nursing bras are made with seamless technology (without seams and knitted in one go) in our partner workshops in Portugal and provide great support and absolute comfort! 

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