How to wear your Joli Bump pants & shorts ?

During pregnancy

When your regular pants no longer fit you, it is time to think practical : maternity pants. Also when it comes to maternity bottoms, many common preconceptions exist but here is some news. Yes, wearing pants when pregnant is possible. And yes, wearing maternity pants can be cool. However finding the chosen ones could turn out not to be such an easy thing.

Our pregnancy bottoms feature loose cuts, allowing you to move at ease, essential during pregnancy. Thanks to flexible waist-elastics or adjustable ribbons, they adapt to your body changes as your pregnant woman belly gets more and more rounded. 

After pregnancy

Our pregnancy pants and shorts can be worn even after baby delivery. When advising you to choose your Joli Bump outfits in your before pregnancy usual size, you make sure that you can keep your maternity pants and maternity shorts during the entire postpartum period (and even after). 

Before or after 

What are the similarities between all our pants and shorts Joli Bump? Their timeless style that allows you to wear them at any occasion. Style and maternity are compatible with Joli Bump pants and shorts!

For a more complete look, you can match our pregnancy bottoms with all our Joli Bump maternity tops!

How do we make our sustainable pants and shorts Joli Bump ? 

We trust our partners in Portugal to help us make our entire selection of sustainable pants and shorts. All designed into European high-end and eco-responsible fabrics, we also make sure that all fabrics are made of natural fibers and Oeko-Tex certified. 

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