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NOUVEAU CHAPITRE - the podcast

"I created the New Chapter podcast to free mothers' voice and support them during their maternity period"

Marie Boyer-Aubert - Fondatrice


Testimonies : Living through pregnancy and postpartum during confinement

A compendium of your testimonies on your experiences as a future and young mother during confinement.

Jolibump is the first French brand to offer sustainable pregnancy fashion to wear before, during and after pregnancy.

Our pregnancy clothing collection is designed in France and produced in Portugal in partner family workshops which we carefully choose. According to our eco-responsible approach, we are committed to slow-fashion. Our sustainable pregnancy clothes with perfect shapes accompany you during your maternity adventure and adapt to your pregnant body, your postpartum body, a long time after pregnancy and even before. Some of our items have been thought to be breastfeeding compatible. Sustainable fashion has to be adapted to maternity and must allow you to live this adventure free, the way you want. It is our vision and reason to be!