Our pregnancy jeans without bump cover accompany your body evolution

Discover our collection of evolutive maternity jeans to be worn during your whole pregnancy and long after ! These jeans without bump cover are real jeans with all the attributes of classic jeans. Thick and soft denim in the same time, rivets, belt loops to girdle the jeans during and after pregnancy (with a soft scarf or with the belt) if you wish to, it is the perfect pair of pregnancy jeans to wear during your 9 months pregnancy and beyond. 


How to choose your pregnancy jeans ? 

Tip : forget maternity jeans with bump cover and treat yourself with a sustainable and eco-responsible quality jeans, that you will be able to wear even after giving birth to your baby ! Thanks to this innovative and modern system of double elastics at the back and on the sides, our Jolibump jeans accompany your body evolution during 9 months, after baby delivery, during postpartum and long after in your everyday life. Read our article and discover our tips to choose your perfect pregnancy jeans


Slim jeans, straight jeans, black jeans, blue jeans or white jeans : there is something for every taste

Designed in France and produced in Portugal, these maternity jeans are made with high-end denim fabric, Oeko-Tex certified, faded just as much as needed but especially very qualitative and resistant. With their nice cut, their elegant shape and their perfect length, these items are comfortable and practical, you can wear them in every circumstance in all four seasons of the year. The blue slim pregnancy jeans is the basic and timeless one and it goes well with a colorful t-shirt and a denim jacket for a casual and fancy everyday look. The black slim maternity jeans is the indispensable and classy one, to be worn with an elegant white shirt and a blazer for an elaborate and elegant look for big occasions.


The importance of clothing during pregnancy and postpartum

At Jolibump, it means to us that you feel good in your body during maternity journey, during pregnancy and long after. Our jeans have been thought and developed to make you feel comfortable in every circumstance. We know that clothing is everything but meaningless during this life adventure that means so much to us. 

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