Your quest for the perfect pregnancy jeans ends now. Our jeans have been designed for your 9 months of pregnancy and after. With its innovative and evolving elastics, our jeans are ultra comfortable and adapt perfectly to the evolution of your body, whether you are pregnant or not.

Made in Portugal, its high-end denim makes them durable and staple pieces of your wardrobe. 

How to wear your Joli Bump jeans ? 

During pregnancy 

Innovative and evolving thanks to their double-elastic system, our jeans will adapt perfectly to your growing curves during these nine months of pregnancy.

Elastics on the side and on the back make your jeans adaptable to your belly. 

During pregnancy

Our jeans are also perfect to wear after delivery. While wearing them, you won’t even notice that they are maternity jeans. We have placed belt loops on all our jeans so that you can adjust them if needed. 

Before or after

Our jeans are not only maternity trousers. They can be worn by any women, mums and future mums.

All about the production of our jeans Joli Bump

Its high-quality denim, Oeko-Tex certified, made in Portugal brings you optimum comfort. Our jeans are both sustainable for their Oeko-Tex certified fabric and its incredible durability over time. 

Our jeans Joli Bump are essentials to live your pregnancy and postpartum period peacefully and with style.

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