Our Joli Bump sweatshirts will be your new allies for comfort and elegance, before, during, after pregnancy. Their perfect cuts and high-end cotton duffels will accompany the evolution of your body, whether you are pregnant or not.

How to make your Joli Bump sweaters last ?

During pregnancy

Our pregnancy sweaters will bring you all the comfort you need during these 9 months. Perfectly cut, your pregnancy sweatshirts will help you covering up your baby bump. Our maternity sweaters are very much adapted to future mums thanks to its soft and delicate fabric which brings optimum comfort.

After pregnancy

The arrival of a new baby in the house will certainly change many of your previous habits, leaving you with less time to get ready to start the day. Our comfortable sweaters are your best new allies for the postpartum period. By putting one of our beautiful sweaters on, you make sure to be ready instantly. If you are not quite comfortable with your post birth bump, our sweaters Joli Bump will allow you to gently cover it up for a while thanks to its oversized cut.

Avant ou après

Our sweatshirts are perfect for a casual look whether you are pregnant or not. Slightly oversized, they would be a perfect addition to a feminine look, over a dress or very adequate with a basic pair of jeans.
Summer sweaters to wear at night, mid-season sweaters to wear instead of a jacket, or winter sweaters to put under a coat, wear them at all times throughout the year.

All about the making of our Joli Bump sweaters

Our Joli Bump sweaters have been produced in Portugal within small family workshops. 

As you know, the selection of the fabric is what matters the most for us. For our sweaters, we have chosen soft and comfortable fabrics, which allow you to keep you warm and able to move at ease. These fabrics are made of 100% cotton, certified Oeko-Tex or 100% organic cotton. 

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