JOLI BUMP’s story begins in 2015. While I was pregnant with my daughter, I couldn’t find the clothes I was looking for, comfortable and chic, with beautiful cuts and beautiful fabrics, the clothes I would be able to wear during my pregnancy and also after.

After the birth of my daughter, convinced that other future and young mothers felt the same way, I began to work with passion to create the clothes I would have loved to find few months earlier.

I paid extreme attention to the quality of the fabrics. All the fabrics are produced in Europe (Portugal and France), certified and mainly composed by natural fibers, which are the most qualitative and comfortable. The confection is made in Portugal, in plants carefully chosen. We also worked a lot on the cut of the clothes so that they can be worn during and after the bump.

I wish our clothes will accompany you with softness during this special and beautiful maternity journey.