About our breastfeeding selection 

Subtlety and sustainability

If you already had a look on the pictures of this breastfeeding clothing selection, you maybe wondered how could your baby would be able to have an access during feeding.That is because our access points are so subtile that they are almost invisible. 

As our main focus is on sustainability, we have chosen to opt for invisible breast access systems which leave no mark on your clothes. 

Thus our clothes can be used even after breastfeeding ends. 

Discretion and convenience

Our maternity clothing is compatible with breastfeeding thanks to its practical systems such as studied cuts (such as the one of the Olivia maternity t-shirt) or buttonholes (visible on the Alice pregnancy dress for instance).

A special care for the making of this line

For this selection, only high-end sustainable and natural fibers fabrics such as cotton, modal or tencel have been chosen to focus on convenience and comfort. 

Additionally, these fabrics are all Oeko-Tex certified to protect breastfeeding mothers and their babys. 

And also